Sunday, July 23, 2006

Aerish - You Told Me

Hear The Track Here

Aerish is a new name to me, and judging by the complete lack of information on this musicians Soundclick webpage, new to this site to. An acoustic guitarist from Leipzig, Germany and that is the extent of my knowledge. OK, an acoustic guitarist, I can live with that. I've been one myself and when I hear that instrument played well it pulls me in like no other. My reticence in this case coming from the term acoustic, which as we well know these days encompassses a multitude of sins to this most subtle of instruments. About the only thing you'd need to know about it is Dylan or Reinhardt? (Bob and Django respectively in case your brain is overheating trying to work it out...)

In other words, is it music or is it (gulp) folk??

Well, You Told Me isn't exactly folk and considering this is just a guy and a guitar that's pretty good going in my books. Given the current fetish with artists like James Blunt, this track deserves to do very well. It's a simple track (well it would have to be wouldn't it?) but surprisingly effective and at almost five minutes it keeps your attention extremely well, and with this kind of line up that doesn't happen often. Again though, it's down to the quality of the song and You Told Me is just right.

Although I love the craft and virtuosity of artists like the aforementioned Django Reinhardt and the fire and majesty of someone like Leo Kottke I personally only attained the Bob Dylan bog standard; a song and not much else. Not that I am comparing either myself or Aerish to The Man, i'm just making a point about a good song. I think the James Blunt reference is apt in this case because - like it or not - that is the style this track comes across as and that's no doubt thing. It will give the casual listener something to refer it to, and for people like me it's nothing like as wet as anything Master Blunt has to offer. Aerish has a extremely pleasant voice and despite the odd trace of accent, this is a lovely song performed well.

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