Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pilesar - The Spirit Kind

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It's been almost two years since my ears where assailed by a vigenette about roadkill of some kind. Most pleasant it was too, although I was soon to find out it wasn't always the norm. Pilesar - in all his various guises - has become a permanent fixture on Soundclick's Weird: wonderful genre of experimental (yes, it could be said as awkward) artists. Fact is, in my very personal opinion, Pilesar is one of the leading lights of that scene because there certainly isn't anyone around like him and the endless list of class tracks he has delivered (in lots of genres) is nothing less than inspiring. At least that's what I say to his face, but behind his back it's obviously a different story.

Disturbed. Lunatic. On. The. Loose. Yep, them's the words...

The Spirit Kind is a track from Pilesar's new EP Abrasion Therapy Volume Two and believe me when I say the key word here is abrasion. Of a special kind right enough, and that is usually enough for me but even in this Pilesar is not content. Here he delivers two tracks for the price of one, a peice running forward and a peice running backwards. All using the same paltry five minutes it takes to tell the tale. Naaaahhh, stop shaking your head with wonder, I'll have you know that is a fairly accurate description, taste this and see....

Aaah, not such a smug git any more are we??

Listening to Pilesar isn't so much a experience as a world altering reality. Because he works in some extremely dodgy areas (experimental not being the least of them), I sometimes feel it hides the real musician he is. Anyone who can take a bunch of tones, some extremely earthquake inducing sub basses, and a million extraneous effects and make it [i]interesting[/i] is fine by me. Certainly Pilesar is going to be way out there for most people, but I admire his ability to skate on the thinnest of ice and yet make it somehow an enjoyable experience. Believe me - fans of the man - you may have to work to extract this tracks full measure but it is so, so worth it. Weirdness raised to the power of ten.

Highly Recommended for the wild at heart

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