Saturday, July 08, 2006

Alchemystic - Earth Dance

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Ladles and gerbils, hurray for today I get to start a review with an alki...

Alchemystic, to be precise. An artist who I think needs no introduction to the general Soundclick community, he has made considerable strides on here in a very short time. I think most people who like his work like it for the same reasons I do; breadth of material, attention to detail (even when he's making 'quick' tunes) and a fine pair of ears on his shoulders. Well, not exactly on his shoulders because that would be far too silly and would look really odd. I'm sure, however, that you get my drift.

Even though I'm not even sure what I just said made any sense...

Earth Dance is - to use the man's own words - 'some tribal drum crap'. Yeah right. As if. Nope, true to form delivers a tad more than yer actual drum crap. Mind you, it's true that it's pretty much all the track features, drums and more drums. However, I'm a big fan of both drums and all manner of percussion and The Alky One uses a couple of examples that even had me slobbering into me speakers. I like the gong stuff, it really adds to the overall psuedo kodo feel, and some of the subtler percussive tricks that - probably - will pass most people by, and that's a shame because they are, to me, the real tricks of the trade.

It has to be said though, that it IS just a drum track and - as such - will probably have a bit of a short shelf life. Even for me, a fan and an interested listener, it started to pall a bit after the plays got into the teens. Mind you, what there is, plays out in your ears extremely well. There is a lovely flow to the track but - once again - I think that is because I DO like this kind of material and would probably be a lot kinder towards it than someone who just wants a quick fix of electronica.

OK, everyone have a grass skirt and fly whisk? Let's party!! Boom chika boom chika..

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