Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fluidity - Lucid

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John Paul Carrol (aka Fluidity) has become a firm Gilmore favourite since I reviewed his excellent This Time in January of this year. A native of New Zealand, he pursues a strain of rock music that has won him a string of admirers in a very short space of time. The secret to all that appeal is in the name of the band, fluidity by name, fluidity by nature; rock music with endless appeal done with that special antipodean style exemplified by Spilt Enz, Crowded House et al. Fluidiy is, to my mind, a worthy successor to those bands, mixing an English rock sensibility with a NZ outlook that is easy on the ears, but punches its weight when necessary.

The English rock sensibility can be traced to the early 1970's when rock seemed to have a calling, as well as a neat way of getting riches and bitches. There is, indeed, a trace of the early Pink Floyd in both the delivery and structure of Lucid; a finicky but productive arrangement, some gorgeously crafted peaks and a suggestion of either Barrett or Waters in the vocal style. That is a comment I have applied to this artist before and I mean it as a sincere compliment. Quality rock is a hard act to pull off - ESPECIALLY in a 'home recording' environment.

The level of sophistication JP can bring to the affair is only slightly tempered by that ever present scourge but no one but a right basket like me would ever notice that. What other ears will notice is that the music scene in New Zealand is alive and well and - judging from some search results - all living right here on Soundclick. Even so, I'd be willing to put my money where my mouth is that there aren't that many to come up to the level of work Fluidity has so far delivered to some very delighted ears. Delay no longer, click now and give your ears a rock treat courtesy of a kiwi, you don't see that often ya know....

Highly Recommended. But I am well biased.

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