Saturday, July 15, 2006

Charlie A - Bebee Bubba

Hear The Track Here

Charlie Armour (aka Charlie A) is a multi-instrumentalist from the UK whose list of influences reads like a Who's Who of film scores. John Carpenter, John Williams, Danny Elfman and believe me it doesn't come much better than that. Elfman, in particular is a big favourite of mine, I haven't seen him score a dud yet. Kinda weird then that Charlie A's genre is Electronica: experimental, but if Bebee Bubba is anything to go by the genre fits him like a glove because this is high class electronica with just a dash of experimental weirdness to leaven the mixture.

I liked Bebee Bubba from the get go and I ascribe that partly to being a parent of budding rock stars and that the track's vocalist is Charlie's one year old neice Lauren. The bulk of the kudos though must go to Charlie boy because it surmounts a well known showbiz obstacle with ease. That showbiz obstacle most people know as the maxim: Never work with animals and kids. In this case Lauren almost manages to pull off that act but it's Charlie's musical nous and arranging skills that make this track work ultimately - the addition of Lauren's amazing catchy burblings is just the icing on the cake.

Uh oh.

Seriously, although this is classed as a general comedy track (it IS LOL material), it could just as easily have stood up as an electronica contender in it's own right. Cripes, I use all kinds of **** in my tracks and that gets accepted, so why shouldn't this track? Moreover, it's a cracking peice of music too with the vocals counterpointing the deceptively simple arrangement and instrumentation. Definitely a student of the less is more school. Now, if I could only get my twins to stand still for two seconds at any one time, I'm gonna have a go at this so I guess I have been inspired by this track and - buuuhleeeevvvee me - that doesn't happen very often at all.

Laugh out loud funny and Highly Recommended.

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