Monday, October 31, 2011

Mesia - Mesia EP

Hear The Track Here

Last review this month is also from Los Angeles and show a very different rock side (to me anyway) than the Alternative style of Animal Games. Mesia are a four piece classic heavy rock band with some great ideas and an EP that's just itching to assault your ears. Using almost the same instrumental line as another famous Los Angeles band - The Doors - Mesia deliver a very startling, and to my ears very enjoyable fistful of songs that rock as hard as any you are likely to hear. Mind you, don't let it stop there because this is a band you really need to dig into because as casual as their music sounds at first, it takes time to tease out all the hidden depths...

Hidden depths in a rock song eh? There's a thing.

Put it like this, try the first track - Point Of No Return - and if you like that I can absolutely guarantee you will lap up the rest just as easily. Of course, being an ultimate rock animal I am almost honour bound to like this but let me tell you of one element the band bring to bear on their music. While their roots are firmly embedded in the rock, there are elements of a kinda/sorta proggy thing but - thankfully - very musical and it's in these sections that I see what great ideas these guys have for song colouration. Not the kind of thing you are likely to get bored with, especially if rock is your religion as it is with me and almost everybody I know and love (all fully paid of members of the 99% I might add on a topical note).

There isn't a track on here that doesn't carry its weight and while I am aware it won't be every one's cup of tea I know there is a huge market for a class rock band and Mesia are most definitely that, especially when they get to take their little musical detours (the proggy kind of interludes). Now I know you'll be a bit boggled about my comments there concerning anything prog rock because as you know (only too well) I have a visceral hatred of the genre. Mesia, however, take it to a whole different level and if this is the direction prog rock should go in then I'm all for it, Excellent collection.

MUST HAVE heavy maaaannn.

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