Saturday, October 22, 2011

Avalanche - From The Barrel Of A Gun

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Out of all the hundreds of thousands of rock bands I have come across while reviewing none - not one - have touched me in quite the same way as Avalanche; great songs, wonderfully experienced musicianship and production values that most of us can only dream about. Ever since I first met them back on Songplanet in 2005, Avalanche haven't put so much as a foot wrong but with the addition of a new member - Stephanie Krowka - the band have gone on to a whole different level, as was evident with the new, remastered and remixed version of The Golden Sun (September 2011) which is undoubtedly in the running for Track Of The Year this year...and I don't think I'm giving away any secrets there.

Like Golden Sun, From The Barrel Of A Gun is a new track, recorded this year for inclusion in the forthcoming HD Documentary DVD "The Road Less Travelled" scheduled for release in early 2012. Produced by both Michael Foster and David Pendragon - who is also making the documentary - the track again features the new lineup with Stephanie on backing and harmony vocals. The very best thing about Avalanche isn't their musical skills and experience (they have been together as a band for over 30 years) but in their extraordinary ability not just to write killer songs, but to write killer songs that have meaning and depth and often a social message. In this case, about the separation between people, especially victims of senseless wars (And aren't they all?) That, my friends, takes real skill and talent.

Don't be misled by the 'very rough mix' comment on the song page. Avalanche's idea of a rough mix is thousands and thousands of miles above what most of us consider a rough mix. Admittedly, it doesn't have the clarity and sharpness their fully mastered tracks have, but everything that is there is heard without exception and that's a neat trick all on its own. Musically, the track is a slow rock brooder, not always my favourite cup of tea but like all Avalanche tracks there is a lot to take in and endless plays to get yourself familiar with it definitely helps in your appreciation of just how good this band is. Classic rock in every sense of the word but not, to my mind, as strong as Golden Sun but it couldn't be could it?

MUST HAVE rock nonetheless.

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