Friday, October 21, 2011

333maxwell - Where oh Where are You Tonight (the drinking song)

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If you stayed up waiting for our numerically challenged regular to turn up, wait no longer. Indeed, put the cat out and go to bed, we'll be OK entertaining ourselves with this guys music. Now if anyone can write a consummate drinking song, it's going to be our very own Max. Or maybe I should be calling him Maxsch on this occasion but maybe that's just too silly. There again, writing a drinking song with that kind of title is also kind of silly because the whole thing about the demon alcohol is that you never remember where you are, or indeed what you were doing there in such insalubrious surroundings with such disgusting company...and then there's the blackouts...

I know, let's have a drink to steady our nerves, shall we?

I think that to make a truly monumental drinking song, you would have to go back to the musical mores of an earlier age. Most modern musical forms are not compatible with the legless musical sprawl that makes great drinking songs. The music of Prohibition (when alcohol was probably the equivalent of pot smoking today) is the richest territory for this style and was obviously the first spot for Max to head for (after the pub of course.) Mind you, 333maxwell often ventures back for some of his best inspiration with some of my own Max favourites coming with a 1940's/50's feel that has an uncanny ear for. As indeed he does for 1930's drinking songs too apparently.

Tell you what when Chas Holman (Max to you) gets to croonin' all my Beatles senses get working and here is a perfect blend of both George Harrison and Paul whatsisname working in tandem to give us an inspired (or drink fuelled) love song in the time honoured tradition. No matter what kind of excuses ('she is a pretty rough mix') Chas might come up with, this is a beautiful enough track to forgive all aural sins. For example, listen to the the clarinet work with the vocal. Only one word for that muh friends, brrrrrr. So as good as the song goes, its the instrumentation that really singles this out for special attention and of course...

MUST HAVE piss-up.

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