Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Those Among Us - How It Feels To Fall

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I am beginning to suspect that Those Among Us might be the ultimate EP factory. Having just reviewed Fallen Hero (October 2011), the last track reviewed from the excellent One EP which everyone should have a copy of by now, here is a brand new track from their Final Destination EP (it says here). John Brandon, Lino Gonzalez and Steven 'Mez' Mesropian share the collective responsibility for Those Among Us and they are nothing if not industrious, how many EP's is this now? Three? Four? I lost count. What I didn't lose, over these endless tracks, is my respect and admiration for what Those Among Us do with rock music.

It's the combination of the electronica/production skills Lino brings allied with the songwriting (and rock) skills of both John and Mez that single this band out for me, and each track draws those elements closer together. While I couldn't - hand on my heart - say this is right up there with their best, this is a personal quibble and one I share with no-one. As I've remarked countless times, there is a difference between American and UK rock that makes it hard to travel and IMHO this track sounds more American than I personally like. Not, I hastily add to forestall any American jihad on my unfortunate butt, that American rock is any less relevant or 'good' - just different.

Having said all that I stress that this is a personal warp that could only come from someone like me who has witnessed some of this band's finest hours. I also add that I did review (very favourably) the original song. See, that's the problem with pitching above the bar, it just gets harder and harder to impress. Now maybe I need to live with this much longer, as is sometimes the case with material from this source but I somehow know - in my heart of hearts - that it doesn't cut in the same way some of their classic tracks do. Nonetheless, I am sure there are many fans (Ed: and Americans, Gilmore, don't forget them...) who would argue the case well and - for sure - Those Among Us shouldn't worry overly much...

Recommended nonetheless.

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