Monday, October 24, 2011

Ralph Atkinson - Black, Orange & Blue

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Canadian musician Ralph Atkinson makes his review entry this month a topical one. Seeing as it's (whispers) that time of year, he has decided that this months entry shall be a Halloween compo entry. Not, I hastily add, for this Halloween but for the 2009 variety which I only remember because my kids puked for hours but I guess that's a typical Halloween for you. Of course, that got me wondering how this track fared in that compo but (shrugs) no mention... Still, its a Ralph Atkinson track and regardless of vintage it's going to be of a certain standard, a typically high standard.

Ralph being a complete gear-head (I mean that in the nicest of ways) decided that spooky lyrics and sound effects didn't really convey the butt-clenching, gut wrenching catharsis he had in mind, so he called in the special squad. 'Diabolus in Musica' was called into the studio and invited to lay down a few licks and if you imagine some sort of devilish rock god, then gear-head you ain't. What the term applies to is a form of music known as a tritone, also more commonly known as the 'Devils music' and the title, of course, of Slayer's 1998 album. All of which, to put it kindly, should be putting the poop up you, or out of you whatever...

Skirting that lethal bog instantly, Ralph delivers a few thrills and spills yes indeedy but - to be honest - I would have cared if Old Nick had indeed been around for this, he would have heard some excellent music rather than the bash-bash-bash of his usual minions. So, the devils music, isn't that the same reference people used to use for the blues? Slap me in a dress and call me Katie (Ed: please, please readers, try not to think about this), that's also true and where does Ralph excel most? The blues, and Black Orange & Blue is about as solid a piece of electric guitar blues this side of a certain rural Mississippi crossroads as you are likely to hear. (Ed: it may interest readers to know that no souls were sold in the making of this review)

Spooky s**** Highly Recommended for Fright Night.

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