Friday, October 21, 2011

Mosh GoGo - Cheats, Chicks and Powders EP

Hear The Track Here

A review request from the Rebelriffs blog now, this time from Northern Ireland in particular and Derry in general. Not a huge amount of information around about this four piece band but judging by the publicity stuff coming with this EP, this release is considered to be a move into a 'edgier, heavier sound' You KNOW that is going to go down well with me and you'd be surprised at how many great bands have come from this area, so I dived right in...Actually, it's a three track EP so there ain't much too dive into so just remember don't try this at home kids... I was going to lie down (as you would do with a massive head wound) but decided I'd still play the EP, once I'd done that lying down is not an option.

While it's obvious that Mosh GoGo has much to thank U2 for, the quality and depth of the material on offer on this very, very likeable EP soon dispense with that notion. It isn't so much that Mosh GoGo sound like U2 as much as they sound like every Irish musician you ever heard including the Saintly Bob himself in his happier phase (Ed: was he ever happy?). Alternative rock is the name of the game here with heavy emphasis on guitar rhythms and textures which I guess U2 shouldn't have the monopoly on (or should that be monotony?) OK, Enough knocking U2, at least for a minute or two. All three tracks have been professionally recorded and mastered so there isn't going to be a whole lot of nit picking about that, it sounds bloody wonderful; full, rich and demanding.

Once you get past the EP's initial familiarity, you begin to notice how musical this band is, all captured with that terrific clarity and punch supplied by the production. I must admit that while downloading the EP I saw a clipping from Ireland's premier music newspaper Hot Press that seemed - at the time - a bit over the top. There again, I should have given that paper greater credence because they are right when they say they 'could, and should be huge' Indeed they should and if this is the calibre and quality we are signing up for then I'm all for it. Excellent introduction to a rocking band....

Highly Recommended stadium rock (already)

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