Wednesday, October 19, 2011

N Talekt - Feelin' Good

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I was rooting around in my attic (as you do) and I came across the first review ever for Virginia based rapper N Talekt. The track was I Got U (February 2006) and I wasn't exactly complimentary, and he was new to the game after all. There again, as I pointed out at the time, the competition is relentless and never ending and if you want to make even the smallest dent in Soundclick's hip hop world you'd better have your musical ducks in a row. Subsequent tracks have fared much better showing that, when prompted, N Talekt can indeed up his game and more power to him for that. Last track I reviewed was Stay A While (March 2009) so it's been a while. So what has changed since then?

Let's find out...

He's got well smarter about the depth of material he is using, that's for sure, although - on the face of it - this is a fairly standard rap, you will have heard its like more than a few times. Well, N Talekt has a couple of elements that are definitely working in his favour because - if I were honest - this isn't really the kind of hip hop that I particularly like; it being from the softer side of the rap field. Mind you, it is a song about feeling good and the track sure does make you feel that, or it does once you get past the glitchy (intentionally) intro and into the true meat and potatoes...

I don't know why but from the first time I heard this I have thought Chicago, maybe it's in the groove which definitely could have come out of the Windy City, or in that slightly jazzy vibe. For sure its not coming from the rap which, of course be coming from anywhere. Because I have had exposure to this rapper before I am more likely to give him a fair listen regardless of what I think about its desirability for me personally. I think if you are into hip hop big time and hoover everything up then this is fair game. To be fair though, I have heard him do better and that back catalog is still there.

Recommended jazzy hip hop.

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