Sunday, October 16, 2011

Whitman Speck - Butcher of Plainfield

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And now a cute little song about a murderer and body snatcher, but seeing as this is a track from notorious horrorcore stalwart Whitman Speck that should come as no surprise. This self styled 'King of the Sickos' is definitely not to be taken lightly. All of the twentyseven tracks on his Soundclick page have a Parental Advisory attached to them for good reasons. Best not to play Whitman to the kiddies, great aunt Mabel or the grandparents because there will be trauma should they be exposed. Whitman doesn't rap about the the darker side of life, he digs really, really deep to come up with some of the sickest, most lyrically screwed up raps and you know what? It works like gangbusters, at least for the adults amongst us. Moreso if you happen to like hip hop and infectious beats because that is this man's trademark.

Hip hop? Rap? From the UK??

Well yeah, take the look of surprise out of your face. Although I doubt very much if any American rapper would tackle material this hardcore so I'll warn you again, all Whitman Speck tracks are hard listens lyrically and this one goes even further than normal and I thought I had become somewhat blase about his style. Nothing like frightening the **** out of me to make me pay attention. In a long line of close-to-the-bone (no pun intended) tracks, Butcher Of Plainfield is as hard and uncompromising as any he has released and - this time - unleavened by any hint of humour, just a never ending litany of horrific and very disturbing lyrical images.

Now I can't say that all this talk of butchery (literally), murder, mayhem and casual very stark sexual references does anything for me because it doesn't. There again, horror movies don't get to me either so I guess I am just not that inclined. What keeps me on Whitman's side is that underneath all the schlock beats the mighty heart of a very adept lyricist and rapper, way above the norm and about as different as it gets. His use of words to evoke scenes is extraordinary, bringing it all to a grubby light. His ability to ride the beat is just as good, I don't think I have heard one track from this guy where he hasn't been right on the money. So, put all your inherent taste aside and take a walk through the terrifying world of Whitman Speck and be sure to dress appropriately - in brown.

Highly Recommended and sick as ****!

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