Friday, October 28, 2011

Pilesar - Ricochet

Hear The Track Here

Like a lot of long standing Soundclick veterans, Pilesar has gone through a lot of changes since I first met him reviewing the innocuous sounding Just a Turtle (September 2004). Still as mad as a box of frogs of course but offering listeners a truly different experience has always been his style. Back in 2004 I wrote 'There's no doubt that Pilesar is not just a lunatic with an odd slant on life' and that turned out to be a massive understatement. It would be no word of a lie to say that you will not have heard anything quite like Pilesar before although this is not AFAIK one of his 'live' tracks, which tend to be very, very weird indeed. All very Pilesar, of course, and instantly recognisable to those who have grown to love what he does.

So out of the endless Pilesar tracks that have passed by my ears, nowhere was there any sign of any ordinary music, and plenty that was experimental to the max so there is no way I (or anyone else) would have been prepared for his latest move. Ricochet is, to all intents and purposes, Alternative Indie with a side dish of 1980's electro-pop and about as commercial as any you are likely to hear. Wait!! Pilesar? Commercial? If you think I am having some kind of episode (a known factor when reviewing Pilesar material) then I suggest you go listen to the track yourself. For sure if you are already aware of his work, this is so surprising a move it would be best to be sitting down when listening to it.

Mind you, that won't last long because, besides being well poppy, it's also got a pretty good groove. Now as a percussionist of known valor, Pilesar has often cooked up some tasty riddims in the past, but you'd be dealing with a different reality to the beats market that's for sure. Nope, on the contrary, Ricochet is about as 'normal' as Pilesar has ever got to my knowledge AND it's an actual song! With words. Odd words yes, but words nonetheless. It also comes in at a whisker short of three minutes so what harm would a quick listen do? Tell you, well worth the time...

Highly Recommended Alt indie from the Pilesar Quadrant. (No, really!!!)

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