Friday, October 28, 2011

Farrell Jackson - Never Alone/Cherub In The Garden

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When I first met Farrell Jackson I had no idea about his music, he just happened to be someone I met while hanging out in Mixposure's Mix Radio chat room of a Saturday night. As much as Mixposure is a decent site for musicians, by musicians, it also happens to be one of the very best spots online to find true, good quality, old-fashioned-if-you-like rock and pop music. As it happens, Farrell is one of the prime exponents of this genre on the site and I will always welcome this musician into my household.

Why? Well the man has gathered at least five Must Have's from me since 2009 and they don't come cheap and although it would be fair to say I have a bias for this genre, it certainly wouldn't be fair to say I am blinded by the glory, know what I mean? (Ed: not.a.clue.Gilmore.) As a musician of a 'certain age' almost any Farrell Jackson track is replete with evocations of his younger heroes and heroines, soaked up along the way and now spicing Farrell's work and nowhere is this more evident than on this track.

It IS one track, despite it's billing, there is a noticeable break between Never Alone and Cherub. It also dates back to 2007 according to Soundclick, and I know for a fact the guy has only gotten better in time so - it would be fair to say - I wasn't really expecting to like this as much as I ended up doing. There again, so far so Farrell Jackson... Not a musician (or songwriter) you should make snap decisions about, his tracks work better with time. Never Alone is an ingenious blend of the Byrds and the Beatles via West Coast rock and - as such - about as close to aural honey as you can get. It also takes up the bulk of the time with Cherub in the garden being a kind of acoustic afterthought. Either way, if you like classic rock, then this is a treat.

Highly Recommended vocal harmony.

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