Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Those Among Us - Fallen Hero

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I kinda like this new(ish) fashion for releasing EP type thingies. If you want to know what a band is capable of it will take a few tracks to give you a good idea, so giving them a variety pack (as it were) is a good deal. Now here I must state that an EP, for these purposes, is no more than four or five tracks. I have reviewed twelve track jobbies who claim to be EP's but are far from it and - to be honest - if you weren't expecting that amount of tracks, it can be a bit dispiriting for a reviewer like me. I just reviewed (last month I think) Azoora's latest EP, and I have reviewed all of Those Among Us's's's various EPs and - for my money - this format fits these bands perfectly.

Lino Gonzalez, Steven 'Mez' Mesropian and John Brandon (aka Those Among Us) tread the same musical ground as John's older band Silvertrain and that is bound to do well by me. See I like good songs and I like rock and Those Among Us supply that in abundance. It has to be said that this band is considerably rockier (harder even) than Silvertrain but the quality of the songs is the same, so putting the two together was a very smart move indeed. Fallen Hero is the fourth and final track of the One EP, having already reviewed the other three - The Final Hour (April 2011), One (June 2011) and The Way We Love The Way We Live (September 2011). The final tally after those tracks is two Must Haves and a Highly Recommended, moreover considering that both of their previous EPs got the same kind of result it would be fair to say I am massively biased in favour of this band.

Mind you, I am (finally) in a majority here because a lot of people I know also get all big eyed when you mention them (they have stuff on Rock Band that does very well) and rightly so. If you'd have asked me back in the day if anyone could do Silvertrain better I'd have laughed. No longer. So, considering that almost their entire output has had resounding accolades from yours truly, it's a given I am going to like this, but will you? As the song comment states, this is 'a straightforward rock song' and indeed it is, but with that special something that always catches your ear, especially if you like classic rock which is what this track most resembles.

Highly Recommended 'straightforward rock song'

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