Sunday, October 23, 2011

Origamibiro - Quad Time Remixes EP

Hear The Track Here

I imagine Nottingham's Denizen Records are feeling pretty damn smug right about now, and IMO should be allowed to wallow in it a while. It isn't every label (virtual or otherwise) who can single themselves out in their choice of material to release. Denizen's first surprise for me was the amazingly good Hhymn, who I actually managed to see live last Wednesday and they are every bit as interesting and inspiring live as they are on wax (as it were). I had trouble defining exactly what kind of music Hhymn do make, and if I thought that was hard, Origamibiro....well, it's all there in the name really. Now maybe like me you were thinking that a band with a name like this wouldn't really interest you, but I'd urge you to at least take a listen - different is different.

One of the reasons I love Soundclick's Pilesar is because they guy makes music out of anything, whatever happens to be lying around, and the music is awesome. Origamibiro do much the same thing but in a much more structured, intricate way that works the old 'can't wait to see what's coming next' magic trick. In other words, if you start listening you may find it difficult to stop. Origamibiro & The Joy of Box (to give them the full monty) is three guys whose field of endeavour stretches from soundtracks/audio-visual works to performing interactive installations. The EP consists of various remixes of their (very) original Quad Time track and here is where I suggest you start this amazing musical journey, the video is top quality and shows exactly why Origamibiro are that bit special.

Quad Time is a totally engrossing, very tasteful musical experience in its own right and - for my money - would get top marks for originality and sheer musical beauty - all seven plus minutes of it. However the EP also features yet another Origamibiro take on the theme, Quad Time and the Genius of the Crowd, and then remixes from Leafcutter John, Joseph Minadeo, Soil and Water, Juxtaphona and Low In the Sky all of which successfully explore the theme set out in the original. What really blows me away is how much great music can come from such simple beginnings. Seriously, I can't urge you strongly enough to get your hands on a copy of this EP.

MUST HAVE originality. Beautiful.

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