Monday, October 31, 2011

Dollar Bill and The Unmentionables - Missing the Kerfluffle

Hear The Track Here

Now you know when somebody puts the following bands down as influences, you are not in Kansas any more Toto. (Ed: shouldn't that be Tonto?) I speak of Weird Al Yankovic, Frank Zappa, and Devo among others who Dollar Bill and The Unmentionables cite as influences as if the band name hadn't given you all the clues you'll ever have needed that this is not going to be anything approaching normal. 'Strange music for strange people. NOT serious' state the band to make it even more obvious.

Music with a capital Fun, ya know?

Also please note that the object in question is a Ker-fluffle as opposed to a ker-fuffle, this is an action I am duty bound to take being a member of long standing of the Royal Society of English Pedants. Just to show that I am also sensitive to my surroundings I also point out that, mad as he may be, ol' Buck is a man not afraid of his emotions. Missing the Kerfluffle is a song about his dog who, sadly, just died and is an instrumental and this is where I discover no matter how experimental you look, the music will out. In fact, the strongest reference with this track out of the influences would be Frank Zappa because it is, at bottom, a guitar track.

It's got a glitchy, grimy backing track though, replete with wtf noises so I guess - at a pinch - it is experimental and certainly alternative and personally I liked the distinction between the dirtiness of the backing track and the clean sounds of the guitars. I though it made from some interesting textures. However, I am a well known nerd about these things I know that most of humanity doesn't share my fascination with sound and its uses. So they'll either go 'oh, another instrumental' and move rapidly on or see that at least Dollar Bill and change are having fun and yes, could be interesting to see how they develop.

Recommended but odd instrumental.

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