Friday, October 21, 2011

Satellite 3 - Ghost (Storie Remix Featuring Raven-K)(Short)

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If there is one image that sums up the modern state of musical stagecraft, it has to be the pointed finger. Back in the murky past, pop musicians had to make funny faces all the time to get noticed, or cavort shamelessly with hussies replete with drink and drugs, throw things out of hotel windows. Things like furniture TV's and luxury cars I mean, not the hussies or the drugs although this is musicians we are talking about so you never know... In other words, all a bit exciting and dangerous. So what do we get these days to replace such minor pleasures? The in-your-face, look-at-me-I'm-talking-to-you didactic digit chased by menacing scowls and dental hygiene from the Planet Mammon. Aah, you realise, this is a hip hop track.

Not it survives :)

Raven-K is the hip hop rapper who triggered the finger waving diatribe above, but is responsible for for this rethink of Satellite 3's Ghost, now remixed by Justin Storie of the band. I reviewed Ghost (December 2010) and liked it despite a couple of sound problems. As a song it was right up there with the best of them. Justin's remix has simplified the musical content of the track and IMHO it is now the track it always promised to be - and that means if you liked the original you are going to love this new, shorter version.

There is, apparently, a longer version on Raven's Majority Rules mixtape but it isn't the one on Raven's page, both turn out around three minutes each. If there is a longer version, I'd be very interested in hearing it. Mind you, this version has brought some joy and light into my miserable life this week because I do feel a bit smug that I saw in the original how arresting this song could be if treated properly and - to be honest - I feel like Justin read my mind. This is exactly what I was thinking about at the time and for sure, Raven is definitely the icing on the cake.

Highly Recommended indie rap

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