Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - Prelude To Annihilation

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In the space of some ten tracks and a year or so, Weylin's Slayer Orchestra has gone from an eh? to a ******* A, if you know what I mean. Took me a while to get where this heavy metal head was taking me but once it clicked, he's been very consistent at piquing my curiosity. The problem is soundtrackery and all its attendant horrors. Weylin, however, goes into an entirely different - and almost proggy - universe to come up with a musical that is distinctly different, albeit with a lot of very familiar elements. I am a big fan of metal, particularly Goth flavoured and that is the brand Weylin's Slayer Orchestra usually indulge in - with a twist of course.

Weylin says of the track that it is 'much faster than my previous songs' which was a tad worrying because I thought his previous track were nippy enough, certainly if you like a kick drum going like a heart attack. Still, there is no denying that it does actually fit the frenetic pace of certain sections of his music. Now because the music is soundtrack based there are bound to be bits where it's a) stacked with violins and b) maudlin as hell and just as slow but in between are some of the best mixes of metal and orchestral it has been pleasure to hear in a long while.

Speaking of soundtracks, there is one right now that I do like very much and that's Han Zimmer's work with Rodrigo y Gabriella on Pirates Of The Caribbean 4, and Prelude to Annihilation has much of the bombast and fiery energy that powers that soundtrack. One of my problems with this genre has been that soundtracks do not, in fact, create images - or at least the soundtracks I have heard and I've heard a couple over the years. I can count good soundtracks creators on one hand and Weylin is well on the way up there as Prelude To Annihilation will be only too pleased to show you.

Excellent soundtrack and a MUST HAVE for fans. Highly Recommended nonetheless.

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