Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time Is Up - Imagine If

Hear The Track Here

A review request now from the blog and something a bit special insofar as all the members of this band are but a mere 14 years old, so according to all known signs and portents it isn't going to be up to much is it? Welllll, depends which way you look at it I guess. Time Is Up is Arran Morton, Jack Bartley, Josh Smithurst, Evan F Chalkley and Tom Pratt and look like they are at least well known at their school in Belper here in the UK midlands (Derbyshire to be precise) but warn me they are 'probably not your genre as we're screamo/post hardcore' but they add, 'our current single doesn't have much of that in it' Not that it matters anyway because, by this stage believe me I would have heard everything - good, bad or indifferent.

First off I have to say that if I were this together when I was that young, I would feel proud of what I (and my friends) had done. However being so young and not having access to many sources of equipment and direction causes problems especially if you are asked to judge what they do. See, the problem is that, despite all appearances, the internet musical bar is very high indeed and most regular listeners will already have their likes and dislikes set in stone and one thing I can guarantee is that will not be back for more if the music isn't up to scratch. This is not to say - in any way - that the band, and this single isn't any good because it is. Given their age and circumstance. (Ed: Ooohhh Gilmore, such weasel words) OK, I know that doesn't sound too promising so let me explain...

Put up against the competition the track sounds wobbly (in the vocals, pitch and phrasing particularly) and is pretty much bash-bash-bash lo-fi rock but there again remember this may well be the first steps on a long journey, and they have plenty of room to grow. As is it, this is a pretty decent tune if you can put aside the audiophile quibbles and if there is one thing I've heard more than any other it has to be lo-fi material of all genres. Taken into the wider picture, obviously the band need to concentrate on getting those vocals nice and tight, and stop the drummer flailing around so much but these are just personal quibbles because the band asked my opinion. I think the band has fans that like what they do and right now that should be enough, live work will soon iron out the kinks.

In the meantime, this is pretty good to be going on with (especially at 14).

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