Monday, October 31, 2011

Rude Corps - No Justice, No Peace

Hear The Track Here

One of the very best things about the so called Golden Age Of Rock was IMHO that the songs weren't just songs - they were also self help manuals. Topical, timely and yes politically motivated. That's a taste I have never lost (all my songs have messages) but sadly there are very few musicians around these days who feel the need to help their fellow men and women in that way. Thank God then for musicians like Rude Corps who is a political writer par excellence and one of my favourite artists on Soundclick, partly for that political content and partly because his music is very, very good. He's been around for long enough to get that patina of capability musicians get once they have been doing this a few years. In other words, the quality will always be there, then it just becomes a question of personal taste.

The far right in the UK is presently focused on the English Defence League and this song is inspired by an anti-EDL demonstration in September of this year which Rude Corps was present at. Like almost everywhere these days, there is massive resentment among us 'common people' and an aching desire for change - especially of the financial kind, although it should noted that the riots in the UK recently had nothing whatsoever to do with anything political. I prefer that my political involvement is of the Playing For Change variety, but kudos to all of those people worldwide involved in the Occupy movement. We all have to play our part - especially musicians. IMHO that's what this gift is for, and I like to think that musicians like Rude Corps think so too.

So what of the music??

As I said at the beginning, quality (in songwriting or performance) is not a problem with this guy, it's going to be good. The step for you is going to be a personal choice, especially because this is an extremely angry and violent political song lyrically. The sound clip at the beginning is from the demo when the crowd 'de-arrested' people with their sheer numbers. 'There's the sirens and here's the police, It's class war once more on the streets, Molotovs lit, bricks round your feet, shout it out "no justice, no peace!' are lyrics that would have gone down just as well in the punk era as today as indeed would the music. Rude Corps has always had a liking for stoked-up punk and No Justice, No Peace brings that anger and aggression right back into our lives. Although I don't agree, AT ALL, with violence to make a point, it is time to get angry. Just find a non-violent way to do it huh?

High energy cry from the heart. Highly Recommended classic punk rock.

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