Monday, October 24, 2011

Ludicrous - The First To Touch Me

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People have been known to swoon into dead faints when they see me approaching with my 'anti-music-label' tucked under my armpit. They know full well that there is one topic I get most crap about it's my tirades against the labelling of music. However, despite my insane and fantastical rants, there is a serious point to be made here. If you call yourself something you obviously are not, then it's going to cause you problems. Jazz people listen to jazz, acoustic people listen to acoustic people and so on and so on. Personally I am fond of the catchalls. The problem is, lets say, if you call something acoustic and the only thing about it that is acoustic is a female vocal, because it is in fact experimental electronica (and of a good standard too!) then its a classic case of audience misdirection.

Which brings me to this track...

None of the four Ludicrous tracks I have reviewed so far have exhibited any sign of acousticism, they've been a very intriguing blend of pop for the most part and very good too. Certainly The First To Touch Me came as a surprise because it is so experimental in feel and most assuredly electronica with the exception of the electric guitar that lazily strums through the intro before beefing up a tad. In structure, style and elements this is an excellent piece which is why I have my panties in such a bunch about the classification. If I were looking for decent experimental electronica, I'd be a bit miffed about missing this little beauty,

Of course, experimental anything isn't to everyone's taste and as I say, this really surprised me by coming for what I had considered an above average pop group, but it carries it's weight well. Like a lot of experimental electronica it uses some fairly familiar elements, but uses them in such an interesting way, you can't but wait for what comes next. I've often raved about the vocals on Ludicrous tracks and I do about this one too, even though its one of the most experimental elements going on in here. Sooo, change of classification and viola....instant audience..

Highly Recommended whateveritis.

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