Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jon Solo - Kill Shot To The Heart

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A few years ago I suddenly went mental on remixing other people's tracks, and as an offshoot, entering time limited competitions - just to see whether I could do it, ya know? So I do know that writing to a strict timetable is one of the hardest tricks to pull off. Oh sure, most of us could come up with something that is at least listenable, at least if you've been at this game a while. To make something really standout though, now that's a different story. I think there are a tiny proportion of these tracks I am truly proud of after the event but that's part of the fun of it all. Which brings us smartly to Kill Shot to the Heart, a track written especially for the CBC 007 Challenge (mixed not stirred obviously) by Solo.

Jon Solo. (cue: theme)

This is also a track from his upcoming The Man Behind The Curtain CD, which I am most definitely looking forward to hearing. Jon has scored a fistful (Ed: that's five to the mathematically challenged amongst you) of Must Haves from me, simply because I love a well crafted, well performed pop song and Jon Solo knows how to do that and then some. Not sure about the rules of this challenge but the theme is obvious and if it wasn't then the intro of this track will bring it all back, in exploding, split screen awesomeness. Have to admit that that my heart sank when I saw it was supposed to be a soundtrack but I should have known better. Now given that both MacCartney (Sir, mi'lud) and Duran Duran have scored big kudos with me for their Bond contributions and I am not fond of either name.

Now if I had to describe Kill Shot To The Heart I'd say it was exactly that; a cross between Macca and Duran Duran written for the latest Bond extravaganza. So, if this was a time limited challenge this is jaw droppingly good, if not downright sick making to lesser musicians. Even if it was a more leisurely process this is an awesome track, nuanced, epic in scale and a chorus most of us would give our right nut for (Ed: Oi speak for yourself Gilmore, no one is getting near MY nuts). As I was saying earlier, Jon has done extremely well with me in the past, and a track as good as this is only going to add more lustre to his reputation for delivery as classy a piece of music as you would hear anywhere, on or offline.

MUST HAVE shouldabeenaBondtheme

(Ed: that'll be six now, and the end of the math lesson)

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