Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Manifest Destiny - You've Been Drinkin'

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As many of you are aware, I am a bit of a history nut and consequently didn't make my usual move of searching under the bands name for additional info - I knew better you see. Should you try it with this band you will be inundated with thousands of links because - as most Americans SHOULD be aware - manifest destiny in that context was taken to mean American expansion was not only wise but that it was readily apparent (manifest) and inexorable (destiny). Of course it didn't take into account a whole race of people that were already living there but hey, this is America, right? This 'divine destiny' was there, apparently, to establish on earth the moral dignity and salvation of man, and I guess the jury is still out about that one eh? Still, let me put the ol' soapbox away because there is even confusion over the musical Manifest Destiny.

Either there are two bands in Oklahoma (Oklahoma, Oklahoma) or they are the same band that have undergone a major change. See one MD is this one, and one appears to be a heavy metal band. Mmmmm. This Manifest Destiny consists of Josh Coats (guitar and vocals), Benjamin Delay (drums), Robert Yocom (bass and scream), David Solomon (lead guitar and keys) who make very passable rock based indie music with a decidedly American slant. Or maybe that just me being parochial again, bad Gilmore. You can find this track on the bands Facebook page, they don't seem to have a strictly music site per se. Each to their own and Facebook is as good a place as any to attract interest these days.

The burning question is, will they?

I think that would depend on whether you liked this kind of material, and there is a large audience out there for this. As you can tell from my tone, I wasn't overly knocked out by the track, but that isn't too say it isn't good. Just not my cup of tea. To be sure the band put their all into it, and if you give it the time to grow on you there is a very decent song here. To my ears though, something was lacking, and I suspect that is was either a technical or personal taste. I thought that the final mix was a bit flat sounding, even though the performance going on underneath it was anything but and I am prepared to go with that explanation. For most people, of course, it will be a straight like/don't like choice and that's the way it should be.

Recommended energetic American indie rock.

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