Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - Nacht der Aufgehenden tot

Hear The Track Here

From the progressive rock of Thielus Grenon to the progressive metal of Weylin's Slayer Orchestra means that prog is the taste that will remain in the mouth after this months reviews. Ewwwwww indeed. It's a good job that both of these musicians deliver their brand of venom (ooops, sorry I mean prog) with much more attention to detail than most other proggies, even though I didn't see that with Weylin until just lately. In fact, Addiction (July 2011) was damn near perfect, and that's not something I would have thought right at the beginning.

Mind you, this is STILL proggy, and as if to prove it Weylin states 'Intro song that ends at about 3:50 at which point the next 'song' in this 2 part song begins'. All well and good you might say but at this point you don't know that this 'part' of the 'song' is some seven minutes long, so God knows how long this track will end up being. Much more to the point, would it be worth it? Well, I guess that depends on whether prog rock blows your musical skirts up or not and obviously it doesn't for me. To my ears, this is the most proggy of any of Weylin's tracks, but that's me and I'm a well known philistine about this.

One of the main problems in past Weylin tracks hasn't really been the music (other than the genre quibble), in fact I quite like Weylin's metal guitar style - the man can rock! The drumtracks have usually been the fly in the ointment but I have to say Weylin seems to have overcome that problem, if I went by Addiction and this one (which btw means Night Of The Living Dead). I know this is a style thing but there is one bit of this track where the kick drum is so fast only Animal from the Muppets could play it. For any normal drummer it would mean a broken leg. So, while I might not like prog (and this is prog) I continue to hold an interest in Weylin's work and if you like the genre I'm sure you will too. All seven minutes of part one that is...

Highly Recommended Prog metal.

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