Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Frankfurt Dialog Company - Know By Now

Hear The Track Here

There is, apparently, a Blues Triangle to go along with the more well known Bermuda Triangle. Not a place where blues musicians are known to disappear but one, equally apparently, that seems to breathe new life into the suckers!!! Yeah, that's what I thought, but then I heard what it was capable of and that's all she wrote. See, I love the blues. No, I mean I luuurrrveee the blues, since forever and I am a real pain in the ass if its not cooked right but Frankfurt Dialog Company have earned their skill at the genre and it shows. Now before you start getting all survivalist on me, let me explain that the Blues Triangle consists of musicians from South America, North America and Europe and IMO some of the best Soundclick has to offer.

I am aware that putting something together like this but when you have musicians like Mike Wayszak, Lee Velaszquez, Mark Cloutier and saxist Tom Stockwrock pitching in and helping Andreas Horchler put together a really nice piece of feelgood blues that keeps insisting it 'don't know nothin' at all' when in fact it contains the secret of the blues; atmosphere. To be sure it's a bit on the jazzy, Chicago style of the genre but that's no bad thing, because no matter what else it does, it sure does swing. I think, when I'm honest, that I prefer my blues more low key, but that's merely a personal taste.

I am aware that many people don't like blues, again a personal choice but it's always been a choice of mine. Know By Now is a very solid piece of musicianship, and considering it was put together remotely it's a miracle baby, but it isn't without a couple of other flaws, at least for me. Chief amongst them is the quite harsh volume changes, and the lead being mostly overhung by the rest of the instruments. However, as I made clear in the beginning, this is the blues and I do tend to be harsh where that is concerned and probably me being over critical. Whatever I say, it will come down to a personal choice, as this material always does.

Highly Recommended feelgood blues.

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