Monday, August 29, 2011

Cam's Even Song - Light Unapproachable

Hear The Track Here

Those people (a multitude probably) know and love Cameron Bastedo's poppy Cam's Even Song tracks, and probably a few more that like his Christian message side but I'd say very few know that this man can also work with electronica, and well too - listen to side project The Sonic Salad for proof positive. The reason I am saying this is because the intro of this track may throw people unused to this side of Cam. Fear not though because it's a small intro into Cam's eminently light and breezy pop side.

And then you start to take in the lyrics...

'O, God, your so amazing!' and 'O, God, you're more than we bargained for, Your lightest wind is a perfect storm' So then you start to realise that as light and frothy as it is on the outside, inside is a rock solid message. I've never really been into Christian rock per se, usually because of the lyrics. Cam and other Soundclick Christian musicians showed me that there is a better way to couch it and - out of all of them - Cam's Even Song have come the closest to what I would consider acceptable to someone who may not share those views.

The secret, I think, is to work on different levels. I KNOW from long experience that Cam is often Biblically lyrical and it's a side of his work I very much appreciate, and where it really works best is in a track like this one. On the face of it, with the first plays, it's a great little pop song that appears to be about little children and cosmic spaces, but then when you get to the chorus, it doesn't register that when Cam is using 'O God' he is using it in the proper way. So it takes time then to pull this track into your brain but it is sooo worth it, regardless of your beliefs - and that is exactly the way I like my Christian rock.

Highly Recommended pop and MUST HAVE for fans.

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