Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Violent Whispers - Heartbreak Loves Romance

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Don't know what it is about the UK right at this moment but it seems to be bursting at the seams with new bands, and from the most unlikely places too. Dundee in Scotland, for example. I know the place, been there a few times, played there and definitely got wasted a time or two there so it's stands to reason that such a party town has that other staple: decent bands. I suspect either Ed Muirhead has something to do with this, or he knows the band and he's from Dundee too. What? I reviewed him a couple of days ago dear, try and keep up... (Ed: he's also something to do with Love, Susan too - just to muddy the waters a little further).

Dundee is a very small place to harbour so many good musicians, but it does as the tracks on this very likeable EP amply testify - especially if you like the Coldplay style of the game. Actually, that's not fair, and it's a lazy reference as any track will show you if you give it the time. Heartbreak Loves Romance, for example, is a bloody terrific song and Coldplay don't have too many of them IMHO, certainly not as nuanced anyway. Lost is just stunning from the getgo, it's vocal intro alone gets it into the VIP room and it just keeps getting better, with a chorus to die for even though it was a bit too poppy for my tastes. What is obvious is that your are hearing quality here, and a welcome addiction to my growing hoard of likes.

Heartbreak Loves Romance is a five track EP and mostly there's a couple of good tracks on most, that is not the case here. Each track is a little jewel set in sound to massage your ears in ways wonderful. OK, the emphasis is on the softer side of indie rock/pop but I happen to like to hear musicians of this calibre in this genre, ballads or no. In Love I Know is a ballad and, not to put to fine a point on it, I ******* love it; and I'm pretty sure my mate Chas Holman (aka 333maxwell) would be interested in it. Right up his street, and you know how good he is. I have long had a high regard for Scots musicians, and The Violent Whispers embody all of the finer points of that illustrious history and then some. Some very fine songs here, and a lot of energy, thought and hard work to dress them up right. What more could you ask for. Well, more, would be a good starting point.

MUST HAVE rock/pop.

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Ed said...

Hi Steve, great review once more! Yes I know these guys - in fact I opened for them at their EP launch last month :) Plus Gary their bass-player joins me in Love, Susan... and if you're interested in the Dundee musical family-tree, see my other side-project:
Ed M