Friday, August 19, 2011

Repeater - We Walk From Safety LP

Hear The Track Here

If you are interested in bands such as Korn, Soulfly, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, the Cure and Sepultura, then you may be interested in what Repeater have to offer with We Walk From Safety, an eleven track album from this California based band produced by one Ross Robinson. Who also, as it happens, produced all of the artists I mentioned in the first sentence. What?? Yep, sounded kinda odd to me to, especially because those are some of my own favourite bands, but the video on the band's Myspace page with both the band and Robinson discussing how they met on that site is an eyeopener and well worth watching. Therefore, you might think, the ensuing album has to be some pretty hot ****, right?

OK, well I would too.

The band are billed as experimental indie rock and you can see from track one, Yours and Mine, that label fits them like a glove. Moreover, it's very rare to hear a vocalist trying to tear his throat out expressing the emotion of the piece and this track has a peach of a vocal. Funnily enough I am reminded a tad of My Chemical Romance, but this vocalist is so much more expressive. Musically too, this is one of the most interesting bands I've heard this year, a remarkable blend of what seems like a million influences - most of them contemporary. I can certainly see why Ross Robinson got so hot under the collar, this is a band to savour, pore over...

Tell you what too, the more you listen to these tracks, the more you realise just how experimental they are, it's a fairly even bet that this will sound as fresh to you as it does to me. Take a listen, for instance, to Patterns. On the surface, a fairly standard shoegaze-y indie thing, but the more time you spend with it, the more you start to realise how full blown it is, the many changes of mood and style. Mind you, I could say the same about almost any track on this incredibly strong album. This is the first project from Robinson’s new “label-less” initiative, White Label Collective, and if this is the kind of standard we are going to dealing with, well it's a game changer. At least, for Repeater, being online has paid off big time and the result is nothing less than stunning.

Heavy duty dark indie rock. MUST HAVE

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