Thursday, September 15, 2011

Imposter Syndrome - Block Party EP

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Starting this month off (late again I know) with a review request from the Rebel Riffs blog, Imposter Syndrome approached me months ago to review their new (then) Block Party EP. Finally, then we get to it and, in some ways, I am glad to have heard some good old fashioned New York City rock because it's been a while since I've heard it this raw. I specify New York City rock because there is, at least to my ears, a very specific and unidentifiable NYC rock sound typified by the early NY punk bands and that is where four piece Imposter Syndrome have set down their musical roots.

Having spent a period of the 1980's working in NYC I think I developed the ear (and the liking) for NYC music, and Imposter Syndrome are worthy successors to those who came before. Powered by the singing and songwriting talents of Kristen Persinos, all five of the tracks on Block Party are worthy of extended listening and are made with that in mind; the more you play the more you hear. From the punky Just Once to the 'burn my apartment down' of Public Transportation the band gets it said in the proverbial New York minute and if those two tracks haven't snagged you, I dare say that the rest wouldn't interest you either. Except you'd be mad or deaf not to take a listen. Going 'eh? eh? eh?' and cupping your ears suggestively isn't going to cut it either.

The first sign you get that Imposter Syndrome are more than just rock, Don't Hesitate takes a neat turn into other territory both in tenor and tone and shows that there is a serious side here too. Aided by some excellent work from bassist Ken Nakano, drummer Damian Barker and 'co-conspirator, co-producer' Josh Weisberg, Kristen and Imposter Syndrome have both the songs, the style AND the production nous to be serious competition. While the root of it all is undeniably rock, there is still enough flexibility and variety to satisfy even the most cloth-eared amongst us. One thought, if the running order has any relevance, does it mean that Courtesy Call is an indication of where this is going next. If it is, count me in because this is absolutely the best track on the EP in my opinion.

Highly Recommended New York energy rock.

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