Monday, August 15, 2011

Patrick Lew's Band - Shanghai Kiss

Hear The Track Here

O come now, in the four or five years (yes really) I have been exposed to the toxic qualities of the musician called Patrick Lew, and the endless line of music tracks from him, I till remain - bloody but unbowed. I think Patrick is one of the only human beings ever to be told by me that they were a hopeless musician in every respect - it isn't something I am likely to say without severe provocation. Patrick (and all his various musical offshoots) comes complete with Titan sized provocation nodes and, I believe, has managed to ruffle the critical feathers of almost everyone who has reviewed him. To which his reply is a shrug and move right on to the next one.

Takes a licking, keeps right on ticking.

I believe that Patrick has more energy than God and that if we slowed what he did down to a human level we might find the music he makes is perfectly reasonable, but after spending a year wearing out this theory I copied the man, shrugged and moved on to the next one. I wouldn't be surprised, at some later date, if Patrick isn't the forerunner of some new music fad. The kind of music he makes is so out there, so definitely not the music we know and love that he's either certifiably tone deaf or just plain old doesn't give a ****. I suspect the latter is the real truth because after a veritable tsunami of really awful reviews (many from me), he shows no sign of slowing down or reducing his output.

The closest musical reference has to be the American West Coast grunge rock scene although without any reference whatsoever to any of the following musical standards: timing, pitch, arrangement, pace or any combination of those things. I once played a Patrick Lew track to someone as an example of the sort of material I review and they honestly thought it was a spoof, and even then not a very good one. Fact is, you either get Patrick Lew or you will probably think he is completely insane, and either way you'd be in trouble.

Definitely not for the unwary.

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