Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mike-K - Kick It

Hear The Track Here

As a child I was made aware of a French gypsy guitarist named Jean (Django) Reinhardt although, being so young I didn't really understand the impact this man had on musicians of my parents generation. His style of playing virtually created an entirely new style of jazz guitar technique; hot jazz, or gypsy jazz as it's also known as. Looks like our old friend Mike Kohlgraf (aaah that's what the K stands for!!) has been at the absinthe and onions and strolled off down that gypsy path too, judging by his last couple of releases. I don't know, wait ages for a gypsy track to come along, and then they all come at once..

See? No way of winning.

As I grew older and started playing myself, I delved into jazz in a big way, and gained a whole lot of respect for guys like Django who were doing what we are all striving to do, make music with a unique voice. Mike's musical voice is softer than most, but it is no less potent because of it, especially on a track like Kick It where - it has to be said - he has caught the free flowing style that typifies the genre. Having said that, Mike has a knack of - how can I put this? - smoothing things out and here is one track that it actually suits down to the ground.

Now, whether my previous love for this music is a factor here or Kick It is as good as I think it is is kinda moot. My appreciation comes because Mike has worked wonders in getting excellent slouchiness into the music, aided enormously by the standout playing of that most essential of companion - the upright bass. That's the big one dear, it rests on a pointy stick. So, any self respecting jazz fan - of whatever persuasion - will find a great deal to like about Kick It. Got to say, Mike's played a blinder with this, didn't see this one coming.

Highly Recommended gypsy jazz and MUST HAVE for fans.

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