Saturday, August 27, 2011

Farrell Jackson - Six String

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You wouldn't know it to look at me, but I'm a bit of a gearhead. Actually, scratch any musician and you'll uncover the nerdy tones of a gearhead - especially guitarists. See, the first thing I thought when I first played Six String, which is actually a love song about guitars, was 'I wonder what guitar that is?' I'm talking about the beautiful acoustic sound that introduces you to the track, and if you like classic rock, I do recommend you get stuck right on while I go right on yapping like a bewildered beagle. The Bewildered Beagles, mmmm that has a ring to it... (Ed: actually Gilmore, if you look closer you will see it is a noose so best steer clear of that one).

I first met Farrell Jackson and his very likable take on classic rock when I heard The Train To Normal (January 2009) on Mixposure's Saturday Night Rocks show with Mike-K and it blew me away. Since then he supplied an endless stream of very high quality songs with plenty of praise for both the quality of the songwriting and the professionalism of the performance. Great thing about Mixposure, it has more rock quality than just about anywhere else I know, and Farrell is one of it's brightest exponents.

As you can imagine, this could only be string driven affair, so wooden axes are the main deal (Ed: speak ******* English Gilmore!!) Even Farrell himself admits this can only be a kind of folk rock. An extremely fine piece of folk rock, and as good as any in either the underworld (where we live) or the Real World where this kind of stuff dies a death unless you are twenty. As a tune then, regardless of lyrical content, this is an ace little tune and would have people singing along - not really understanding what the track was actually about. That about describes the process but it hardly does justice to this excellent gearhead anthem.

Machine Head rock. Highly Recommended for gearheads

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