Monday, August 29, 2011

Tragik The Tragedy - She Says

Hear The Track Here

Don't know why I automatically assume that all hip hop is a) American urban or b) even strictly hip hop when a great deal of the hip hop I get to review - most of it very good indeed - is neither American or strictly what could be termed hip hop. Canada, surprisingly enough, houses a substantial amount of hip hop musicians and rappers. One of my own favourites Twizzie (aka Twisted Angel) hails from Canada and if there is one thing I know about them, they stretch that ol' hip hop label fit to burst. Which is, of course, why I like the artists like Twizzie, Rustik, Gangbangsters and their ilk...

Another beat produced by Soundclick's Sinima who material has cropped up time and again in reviews with one artists or another. They are also one of my favourite beat factories because they do take chances with the material they produce, coming up with new, fresh ways to ride the beat for the hundreds of would be rappers working out on it. Their music always has some instrumentation that makes you double take, and the music of She Says is acoustically pretty in a way that really works against the starkness of the lyrics.

She Says carries the rap obligatory decoration of a Parental Advisory and it does deserve it cusswise, but not IMHO for the actual content of the lyrics, which is a modern tale about the eternal tensions between male and female. Those tensions are magnified in this materialistic, nihilistic world that most young rappers inhabit, and the rap revolves around this theme. While I liked both the music and the rap, there are still the tell tale Sinima audio tags dotted around the track that definitely do not help the track, but that is often the way with free 'factory' beats. Nonetheless, I doubt most fans of the genre would notice, but they would notice the track.

Recommended and a rapper to watch uh uh...

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