Saturday, August 20, 2011

C Anthony Goggin - Dancing

Hear The Track Here

Fourth time around for American guitarist and songwriter Cody Goggin (or C Anthony Goggin as the fully monty), so what have we learned so far? Well, it's a guy and a guitar so lo-fi is the name of the game, but also to be honest none of the songs or performance has yet ironed all all the wrinkles. Nonetheless, we all have to start somewhere and the line Cody must be getting used to by now is that it takes time, patience and effort. What makes it immeasurably harder is that everything rests on both the guitar and the voice, unlike more scored tracks.

Which is why I have held fire somewhat with Cody so far, because everyone is entitled to a certain amount of trial and error. In many ways, that has paid off with Dancing which is, despite the lo-fi approach, a decidedly much more 'together' song and performance than anything I have heard from this musician yet. One of the main problems with his earlier tracks was that I felt he was holding back on the vocals. As Dancing shows, he's managed to get past that one, although that might well be his vocal style too.

Structurally too, Dancing is better than any of his previous tracks although, if I were being totally honest, it isn't something that would interest me. It still sounds like someone recording and making music for their own benefit. Not that this is a bad thing, of course, and certainly not in this internet age. Why shouldn't people put anything they like online? Well, because other people tend to judge them on it, a point I have made repeatedly to Cody (and many, many others) but hey, give and take, right?

So if you like a simple song, simply told, Cody has one for you.

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