Saturday, August 27, 2011

Speak Words Speak - The Sonorous Winds of Saturn

Hear The Track Here

Now here's the thing, this months review list appears to be totally fubar. Thankfully, I can blame it on The Sonorus Winds Of Saturn which - as we all know - plays havoc with your mind. Nothing whatsoever to do with my own eternal incompetence in keeping a proper list. I have more tracks than I have list so I suspect that damn wind swallowed those up before I could finish the list. Consequently I'm going to be catching up with those for a couple of days...

Such is the critical life I tell ya...

Larry Ludwick is also responsible for the Sonorous etc because he is the mind behind Speak Words Speak who, you may remember, I have reviewed a few times now. This is a side project that encompasses Larry's spoken word peices, which I have to admit I am partial to. It is helped somewhat by the influence of Jon Bushaway of The Dead Company who was the guy who first introduced me to the modern version of poems set to music and, truth to tell, their collaborations have been the highlight - for me anyway - of Speak Words Speak's output. Not that Larry is any slouch in that department, merely a personal taste.

Actually Larry himself is a personal taste and my initial introduction to Speak Words Speak wasn't a spoken word thing as such, more an electronic soundscape (which he's also pretty good at btw). Church Of The Lost Frequencies (July 2010) was actually a lovely track, a mix of choral and electronic sounds and tones that really worked, as does Sonorous etc. My only real gripe is that essentially it is an ambient track and it blots my copybook to admitting to liking it. It follows, therefore that a) you have a bit of time (its seven minutes and change) and b) really like good ambient.

Highly Recommended Electronic Ambient.

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