Monday, August 29, 2011

Diamond Lil - Bottom Of The Glass

Hear The Track Here

Last night I was able yet again to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes; holding up the drinks trolley over at Mixposure's Saturday Night Rocks radio show, where I imbibed huge quantities of hard and heavy rock as is my custom on a Saturday night. Which is why I am now suggesting that Diamond Lil also look at getting themselves over there - as well as Soundclick of course. It's all about going where the audience is, and a Mixposure audience is set up for good rock bands like Diamond Lil. You may remember I reviewed their Sex Injuries (July 2011) and gave it a Must Have because - well, s'my kind of rock innit??

Hard, heavy and sweaty.

Ellis Wilde, Harry Colley, Jamie Downes and Daniel Holyhead make up Diamond Lil who btw are a UK band. Their list of influences is a Who's Who of classic hard rock, so you expect them to be able to back up such boasts, and they do that beautifully. As I mentioned in my last review, having grown up at the time this kind of music was happening for the first time, I am absolutely fanatical about treating it with the respect and love it deserves. That is where Diamond Lil score the big one; authenticity.

While I fully understand that the world isn't full of rock animal nut jobs like your faithful reviewer, i know lots and lots of people who like to rock out without obsessing about every solo, instrument or sock-down-the-pants posing, and if they haven't already picked up on this band, they should. To my mind though, this isn't quite as immediate and punchy as Sex Injuries, but hey those are special, right? As it is, Bottom Of The Glass will please almost anyone who wonders whether the rock flame lives on...

Highly Recommended heavy rock.

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