Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cameron Pierce - Atra Bilis

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Call me a fool but I have hope for life in Soundclick yet. This month, for example, there are a great many older names re-appearing after a long absence. Cameron Pierce, of course, is one of those veterans (ie five years or more on Soundclick) and while it's been a while since we heard anything from this Canadian musician, it hasn't been so long as some who recently posted on Soundclick. Like a lot of long timers, Cameron's music has changed enormously since his Latmat days, along the way gaining a much harder, edgier sound that sounds IMHO better with each succeeding track and Atra whatsit is no exception.

Who said 'must be rock' then?

I have never made any secret for my love of rock music and, on the face of it, I wouldn't have put Cameron down as a hard rocker but this track sure as hell proves me wrong on that score. 'A moody track... But dynamic' is how he describes it and I'd say the moodiness was there and - depending of what you might like - the dynamics are there too. As I said, I much prefer this heftier side of Cameron because as much as I liked his pop-rock, close harmony work, it isn't something that I'd use to kick me into gear. This track would do it and leave a nice bootmark on the back of my neck while doing it.

So don't be fooled by the pop rock tag here, this is yer actual hard and heavy, complete with navel gazing, wtf is that all about lyrics that really suit the balls out performance and production. I listened to this on a BIG system and it's freaking stunning; trademark arena rock standard and no mistake. There again I do like stuff like this, nonetheless this is a solid achievement whether you like the style or not. Polychrome (July 2010) was the last track from him and shows (again) how much he has changed in a year. Moody rock vocalist, who'da thunk it??

Highly Recommended hard rock.

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