Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scheezy McGee - Cool

Hear The Track Here

Psssst, you guys! Gather round, I have something to tell you and I need you to help me. Come in closer because, well, this is a little embarrassing and I wouldn't want to make this public (Ed: I don't think he really understands the whole blog concept, do you?). Compadres, I have a problem. I see Thomas J Marchant everywhere I look. Don't ******* laugh, this is serious!!! So, The help I need is dead easy, click on the play button for this track and tell me that young scallywag Marchant isn't present on this track. Wtf, you may be asking, would American alternative hip hop (Scheezy) and English musical eccentricity (the scallywag) have in common?

Cool is, in fact, shit hot, as you may have expected from Scheezy (he's on a roll sure enough), but not in the way you would have expected it. You may, by now, have listened to the track and are no doubt questioning your own sanity too. Lyrically, however, the clues are obvious. One of the main draws for me with Scheezy has been his lyrical side and - whatever the musical illusions - this is one of his best yet. Musically too, I find him adventurous, willing to test what he is doing in other idioms, but this is definitely also his strangest yet.

Good strange, not strange strange. Thought I'd better make that distinction. Actually I think I probably do see Thomas J's everywhere, so maybe it's not a cause to alarm Scheezy. Because of the events described above, it took me ages to exorcise the ghosts from this bad boy and it's in the last couple of days I've started to appreciate it for the simple, but devastatingly effective song it ultimately is. Not quite sure what it's all about but the images and the simple arrangement finally slammed it into my mind.

Alternative Alternative in the best way. Highly Recommended indeed.

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