Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ratchet - Numb LP

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Way back in the mists of time (as it were) I happened across You Left Me (July 2004) by a group called the Ty Kaufman Group. It was led and featured lead guitarist Ty Kaufman (Ed: no really? Ffs get on with it!) who absolutely blew me away with his 'passionate, fluid, emotional sound'. That is what I wrote at the time and between then and now Ty has gone through a few changes but none, I sense, as dramatic as Ratchet. He has roughened his style to an incredible degree, got some ******* huge rock testicles, and gone all nu-metal and I absolutely recommend it. Ratchet, of course, are a proper band, not just one guy, and a band to savour. I have feeling that the video currently on their page doesn't do them justice.

The first track to leap out and give me a good aural kicking was Numb itself, a solid, chunky fist in the face and yet, when given time, turns out to be a very decent song indeed. The hardest kind of rock, linked with a coherent, intelligible vocal, just the kind of thing I like to slam into my ears at max vocal just to make sure they stay awake. As if to make sure that we are paying attention (and by God we sure are) Million Miles Away is a sure fire, 100% rock classic, so right in every way. A word here about professionalism, it shines out of every note and mood of this album and, to my ears, makes it all the more enjoyable for that. The kind of rock I yearn for like a thirsty man in a desert, raw, red and bloody and Ratchet provide track after track of this...

Changes (reviewed November 2010), Million Miles Away and Numb are the only tracks on Soundclick right now but I assure you they give an accurate picture of a very tasty album indeed. Out of the three, Changes took more time to win me over, the others had me in seconds, and if you are a rock animal, they will snare you too. The album was produced by Tim Narducci who deserves special mention for doing such a great job, it sounds like the labour of love it undoubtedly is. There are ten tracks on the album and these three are undoubtedly among the strongest but so could Now You Know, or More, Needy Bitch... I think you get my drift, whatever you do, if rock fills your life, you need this.

MUST HAVE hardest of hard rock.

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