Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thomas J Marchant - Disappoint

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Disappoint is not a word I would associate with Thomas J Marchant who IMHO is one of the very brightest talents on Soundclick or anywhere else. A very different, and unique songwriter who has proved, time and time again that he is the real deal - at least as far as I am concerned. That's not to say that his output isn't patchy, he's not had the best year technically but he's still managed to come up with some ridiculously good tracks. It's Easy To Get Confused (July 2011) was the last we heard him, and that should tell you the tale if you doubt my word. If that doesn't, Disappoint certainly will because it's classic Marchant material.

Thomas is an ace plunderer, whether he does it intentionally or otherwise is a moot point. That is why almost every track is something you look forward to hearing, the influences and the way he subtly twists thing are one of the joys of listening to this musician. Taken as a whole Disappoint probably hits me strongly because Thomas is plundering the early punk years with this track, there is a noticeable Buzzcocks feel and sound about the track. It's also good to hear Thomas getting some of his production problems sorted because I do like when he rocks out.

Sounding suspiciously like a cross between the Batman theme and something the B-52's would have come up, Disappoint is gratifyingly retro yet still manage to punch its weight, especially when Thomas lets his Rock God Lead Guitarist off the leash. Damn, I even heard echoes of Status Quo's Picture Of Matchstick Men and there is no way Thomas would be that familiar with something from ancient history. Don't, however, take my word for it. I think this is one of Thomas best tracks in a long while, tell me if you agree.

MUST HAVE Alternative alternative (if you get my drift).

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