Saturday, August 13, 2011

Go Go Gadget Pink Packet - Sore Eyes

Hear The Track Here

Go Go Gadget Pink Packet are a new name to me, (although not the famous go go gadget bit), who don't seem to be on Soundclick yet somehow got onto the Soundclick list but hey, **** happens right? Go Go etc appear to be a rap organisation from upstate New York (Utica, seeing as you asked) and they make a very decent hip hop sound. Now while I know that isn't everyone's favourite music, I often find space for it, especially if it is well done; raps are tight, music is tighter, know what I mean? For me, when this genre rocks the house it is at its best. I personally deplore the softening of hip hop's style (musically that is) and even Sore Eyes suffers somewhat from that.

Not sure where the music is from but I think it is somehow in-house, not factory beats. To my mind, it explains why the track gels with me so much - even though I have big problems with the style. As I said, I don't personally like hip hop's current passion for slow, ponderous (or vacuous) almost ballads and Sore Eyes definitely falls into that category. What saves it is the professionalism of the performance, and the fact that the rappers sound like they are working for it.

Another plus, I suppose, is that here is a hip hop track that - for once - doesn't feature Autotune at all. Not exactly the most ringing endorsement you'll ever see I know, but to me it means a lot. Fact is if I had to listen to a lot of hip hop I'd far rather it was of this quality than some of the wild and wooly mixtapes it has not been my pleasure to hear. As it is, Go Go Gadget Pink Packet acquit themselves well enough that it motivated me to check out some of their other tracks into the bargain.

Recommended Hip Hop.

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