Monday, August 15, 2011

Chayse Maclair - Two Fingers To The Sky

Hear The Track Here

Produced by the Allspark apparently, but best not to give those nasty Decepticons any clues so best forget I have told you that or Chayse Maclair is going to be getting a visit from some very heavy metal. You may remember the previous couple of tracks I have reviewed from this American hip hop rapper and - given the genre - I think he's probably had a pretty easy ride so far. This is helped - I hastily add - by his choice of musical tracks, always a problem for any rapper without access to original music tracks.

Working with both Anno Domini and Flawless Tracks for those songs may have set me up for the disappointment I initially felt for this track because IMHO the music is not really up to the task or - more probable -it just doesn't fit. Now you know I am not going to make a statement like that without backing it up but it's fairly obvious early on in the track that the music and the rap are fighting each other, especially in the beginning. Actually the more I listened the I thought the chorus was way too tremulous too, but that might have been the style this track is set in.

The fact is, I think I prefer the tracks I already heard to judge Chayse by, in those first two tracks he shows all the signs of being someone on top of what's going on, riding the beat like a good MC would. On Two Fingers To The Sky however he just sounds confused, and not a little whiney, and I put the blame of the stodgy, plodding music track. I think I understand what track he was trying to make, and maybe in his mind Chayse believes this is it, but I don't think so. This is just muddled and confused as to what exactly it is, lyrically and musically. Oh well better luck next time eh?

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