Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ludicrous - Everywhere

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I'm an odd cuss when you look at it (Ed: no surprise there then?) because I am anything but a music consumer. I haven't really listened to commercial music for so long its not funny. I read the papers and websites though so I kinda/sorta keep up with what is going on but some things obviously pass me by. Take Bjork, for instance, what is it with her? Never been into what she is doing, although it seems millions and millions of others think she's doing something good including - it would seem - Ludicrous. They cite Bjork as one of their (many) influences.

In the space of two tracks (and this one but more of that later) Ludicrous have proved to me that they are indeed ' a brilliant UK pop-rock threesome' as they say on their SC page. I am, as you know, heavily swayed towards female vocalists (Ed: mmm wonder why.....NOT) and Ludicrous have a jewel in the vocal prescence who I presume is Olga, a sulky, breathy vocalists in the fine tradition. Although The Real World (June 2011) didn't feature her as such, both of the better tracks IMHO. Dead Woman (July 2011) is every bit as striking and is why it got such high praise from me.

She doesn't get it all her own way though, because the music certainly keeps up it's end although, as I say, I am well blinded because of that vocal. Their songs are clever, interesting and subtle (as you may expect given the Bjork thing) but are not in any way experimental. All three tracks I have heard from this outfit have been very listenable indeed, and Everywhere especially, a nice moody peice that really hits the spot. One thing though, I thought the vocal production was a little flat. This is a terrific voice, expanding the dynamics of it would help enormously to thicken the whole sound.

Highly Recommended intelligent pop.

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