Monday, May 17, 2010

Todd Weller - Amendment X

Hear The Track Here

No relation, I suspect, to the Modfather (Ed: I think he means Paul Weller) Todd Weller is a new name to me from Soundclick. Or at least I think he is a new name to me, although it looks as if he's been around Soundclick since 2004, and he seemed to know me when he asked for this review. So, Classic Rock is the man's chosen stomping ground and, as it happens, one of my own favourite areas to frolic about in. He is in another band on Soundclick, this one a live band apparently called The Groove and I suspect some members of that may well be involved with Todd in making this track. Now I don't know about you guys but when I see Joe Satriani or Steve Vai put down as influences I get this little shudder down my spine because they are not, to my mind anyway, anything like classic rock. Well, not the classic rock I cut my teeth on anyway, Avalanche still do that but not many others.

Mind you, I do hear shades of those two mentioned plank spankers in this track, and a good many other American bands. Classic rock it may be, it has many of the hallmarks, but a wholesome corn-fed classic rock that sits uneasily with edginess of their lyrics. Mind you, if you love the current trend for guitarists who wear their fretboards into sawdust, then this track will definitely hit the right spots for you and - if you happen to be American - so will the lyrical content and the overall feel. Sometimes this material travels well, and sometimes it doesn't. Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and others are nothing like as popular in Europe as they are in their home country, popular enough sure, but not idolised as they are at home.

If it sounds like I am dissing this track, let me correct that impression. This is a very, very slick piece of work, whatever style its encased in. It's a good tune, a class song and yes, I see the classic rock sure enough. So much so that I can actually picture the band playing this live right before my eyes and believe me, that's a hard trick to pull off. So, a lot of showmanship, but that is too be expected given the origin but not enough so that the quality of the music and the song cuts through. What seals the deal is the rocking, very solid mix, obviously a professional job with loads of time spent in the recording studio polishing the final thing - all of which shine out of this track. Don't overlook the song though, it sneaks up on you while you are admiring the rock fixtures and fittings.

Highly Recommended Classic American rock.

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