Saturday, May 22, 2010

Linwood Riley - Wonder Woman Original Soundtrack

Hear The Track Here

While fellow Muse Machine member The Rascal Theorist carves out a name for himself in the field of radio friendly pop tunes, Linwood Riley (aka byte19) choose to tred a very different path, aided by an ever growing list of Superheroes and Villans. Do the words 'big kid' have significance here? This is the third outing for Linwood and his - dare I say it - obsession, having tackled Batman (Gotham Raid/Who Is The Brain (June 2009)) and Brainiac (Brainiac Theme (November 2009)), guess who gets the Riley treatment this time? Step forward a beautiful vision in red gold and blue with a impossible waist and other womanly bits, or you and I know her better as Wonder Woman.. How many of you instantly thought of Lynda Carter when you read the words Wonder Woman? Congratulations, you too are an official old fart. If you don't share the obsession, read all about it here.

Anyway, back to the action.

The Wonder Woman soundtrack is spilt into six different tracks, all of which are on Linwood's Soundclick page. Wait a minute, wait a minute, aren't I supposed to be dead set against this genre in every respect? Welllllll (waggles hand). See, I've already tasted what Linwood can do in two previous episodes and while I lament the fact that these are tiny (timewise) tracks, they are still incredibly effective. The Wonder Woman project has still to get its visual side so, to be going on with, you have to let your head supply the pictures. And do, do stop thinking about Lynda Carter, it's not healthy. Remember she looked like that years ago...

A Princess Is Born starts the proceedings and pay attention because it's quick, damn quick. All over in a minute and twenty seconds which is probably the world record for time spent giving birth. Linwood really has a talent for cramming drama into these vignettes but to really appreciate it you'll need to have it on repeat so you hear it more than once. Opening Titles picks up the structure of the intro and runs with it, expanding and building until your jaw aches. Personally I found it best to download all six tracks (remember they are short) and play them as a playlist, made much more sense that way. Can't wait for the final product, gonna be well cool. (Ed: ha!! you showed the nerd streak!!)

Recommended Soundtrack.

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