Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Wheel - Ghost Shapes (draft)

Hear The Track Here

I am a man with many phobias and prejudices, all of which my readers have become painfully aware of, and one whose never is tapped often is my intense, unfathomable hatred of all sounds that - in any form - go 'plink' Plinky plonky makes Gilmore's brain go all wonky, doncha know? It's the main reason I cannot abide Ambient and/or New Age because both genres are infested with the noxious stuff. Mind you, speaking of genres, Mellow gets pretty close too which brings us up smartly before a large round thing. See, in any other hands, the above statements could be highly alarming to world peace and security because not only is Big Wheel's Ghost Shapes a Mellow track, it features - features mind - a whole plethora of plinky, dinky things right from the outset.

I suppose it didn't help that this was back to back on my playlist with Michael Hughes in major acoustic mode so it was a bit like going from a masterclass in strings to someone playing a kiddie vibraphone. The key words to bear in mind here though are 'in other hands'. See, I am only too well aware of Big Wheel and have known him and smooth music for many years and I know he's a bit of a perfectionist. That really shows up in Ghost Shapes because while I hated said offensive sounds, I did very much like what The Round One was doing with them.

Actually, methinks I protest a little too much. Although the sounds did irritate, one sounded suprisingly like an Ovation guitar, so it might be that I am entirely wrong about the composition of these sounds. Nobody will give a toss once they are into the body of the track though, especially Big Wheel fans because he has delivered - yet again - a track worthy of his talents. He's always had a rhythmic style that endeared him to people, which has now blossomed into something sounding pretty wonderful. And this is just the draft???

Highly Recommended (damn it) Mellow.

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