Saturday, May 29, 2010

Andrey Mishchenko - September 29 (Window to the Fall)

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Мне так жаль!! Just in case you were thinking that the cat had been sick all over the beginning of this review, let me explain. It's Russian you see (and probably mistranslated at that) and what it basically says is that I am sorry. Again, the review curse has struck and this month I seem to have forgotten Andrey Mishchenko in the crush but no matter I'll do it now. It has nothing to do with the fact that he looks like he could beat the crap out of me just by giving me a mean stare, even though my editor may tell you otherwise (Ed: what? li'l ol' me??).

My only real excuse is that May has been the busiest month for reviews this year and that I'll try better next time... OK, no more craven apologies. Although I review almost everything that moves on Soundclick, it's very rare for me to review classical music. Not because I don't like classical music, I do although I have to say I REALLY don't feel qualified in that field to do more than the briefest yes/no acid test. More to the point, classical music means different things to different people and no matter what anyone thinks, you will find somebody to say the exact opposite.

Andrey's take on this is from a classical piano stance, and he is following in a fine Russian tradition in doing so and it shows in September 29 (Window to the Fall) with it's great sweeps and flourishes, and it's attendant poignancy. Sorry, but IMHO, Russian classical musicians are some of the most natural and finest in the world, they seem to soak it up as they are growing up. This is a fine example of the emotional, colourful expressiveness of that country and if you do like classical piano pieces, this will definitely make you sit up.

Recommended Classical piano piece.

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