Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reflexion X - A Bit Funk

Hear The Track Here

OW! GEDOWN!! Ooops, sorry about that, just exercising my right to do whatever the funk I want, and I've always been partial to a bit of the hot n' nasty (Ed: funk, he means funk!) and in case you hadn't noticed yet, I like a bit of funk. Ah, says the combative glint in your eye, but what about THIS bit of funk? Well, surprisingly enough that's what got me all boppy and sloppy like this because Reflexion X does a more than decent job with a very difficult genre to get right. True it isn't exactly THE funk, it being European in origin but - as we all know - white men can sing the blues.

You may remember me stumbling up Reflexion X a couple of times before, and a very pleasant experience it was too, both excellent examples of electronica with a special touch. A Bit Funk is the first time I've heard Hiekki Roots (aka Reflexion X) tackle something outside of what I would expect by now. and right out of the box it starts cooking away in the time honoured fashion. His previous tracks also showed that this musician knows how to grab and draw attention, and A Bit Funk does that on every level. His sound and mix on this is perfect, exuberantly swishing around your ears like waves on the seashore (Ed: wtf??).

This has already been a number one on Soundclick, so it's a given that enough people have rated it worthy, and - to be honest - I think it's probably his best track yet. There again, I am extremely partial to the F factor and I Got An Error (March 2010) still takes some beating but it does show just how capable this musician is at what he does. For sure, it does lose a little in translation but more than makes up for that with the clever production, sound textures and vocal treatment. Very clever funking track, innit??

F-f-f-f-f-f-funky. Highly Recommended.

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